Completion of The H&A PET Project, CSR Abuja in Collaboration with EventsReP and NEF

The H&A-PET Project, CSR Abuja a worthy endeavour and a resounding success.

The workshop was well received by all the Candidates, who remained engaged and participated throughout, further emphasised by a 97% course completion rate, and an overall ‘excellent’ 5 star rating, assessed via workshop evaluation forms. They thoroughly valued the course content, and expressed their appreciation for the efforts of all our Sponsors in making the H&A-PET Workshop available to them.

Together through Career Transition Training, we are – Promoting “Qualification Appropriate” employment for today’s youth, in today’s Nigeria.

We would like to invite you to visit Harobed and Associates to see H&A-PET Project, CSR Abuja in action where they have published event photos and Candidate testimonials for all to share in.

H&A, EventsReP and NEF wants to say thank you to all sponsors and supporters for making the very first and inaugural leg of the H&A-PET Project, CSR Abuja a resounding success.

H&A, EventsReP, NEF and the Candidates would like to say a very special thank you to Sinoni Restaurant, the ‘Career Transition Diamond Benefactor’ for hosting the event and donating their facilities free of charge.
Sponsors & Collaborators
Sponsors: Sinoni Restaurant, The Daily Times, Elviva Dance Floor, Mijos Et Cetera, Enchanted Events, Connoisseur Event Planners, Maria Assumpta Schools, Proximoprime, PlayNetwork, Profound Multipurpose Cooperative Society, VeryAbuja, Berrys Couture, Olympia Consulting

Co-Collaborators: Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum (NEF),
EventsReP Registering Candidates at the Workshop
Candidates Engaged
Candidates Engaged
Sustenance For Mind and Body
Dr Sidney Inegbedion, President, Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum (NEF) and President & CEO - Ms. Deborah Abebe, Harobed & Associates Ltd
Class of 2017 (February 23-25)