H&A PET Project, CSR Abuja in Collaboration with EventsReP and NEF

As an act of Corporate Social Responsibility, Harobed & Associates Ltd (H&A) has established the HAROBED & ASSOCIATES – PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYABILITY TRANSITION PROJECT, CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ABUJA (H&A-PET Project, CSR Abuja). H&A is collaborating with Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum (NEF) and EventsReP.com to deliver two consecutive weeks of training, FREE OF CHARGE to 100 qualifying Youth Corpers.

H&A believes that best business value emerges when projects are aligned to clear business goals, deliver frequently and involve the collaboration of motivated and empowered people.

We are teaming with like-minded Sponsor Organisations to serve our community and work together in improving access to “qualification appropriate” employment opportunities for Nigeria’s Youth.

The Purpose:
The H&A – PET workshop ensured that once qualified, each candidate has the best chance of ensuring “Qualification Appreciate” employment in their chosen field.


It is our assertion at H&A that every individual who has the requisite qualification to perform in a specified role and/ or career path should know how to access that industry and profession.

The event delivers the H&A PET workshop to 100 youth corpers in a group of 50, where we teach, coach and empower young professional to implement an effective job search campaign.

Course Overview:

*Goal settings and personal inventories
*Job searching tips and methods
*Networking and the hidden job market
*Resume writing tips and samples
*Interviewing and negotiating


Available places are limited, interested qualifying Youth Corpers are advised to register without delay at www.harobedandassociates.com/project-csr-abuja


Organisations and Individuals interested in getting involved or sponsoring this and/or other H&A projects should visit www.harobedandassociates.com/projects

For more information on Harobed & Associates and the work that we do please visit us at visit www.harobedandassociates.com

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