About EventsReP

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Who We Are

EventsReP is an all-encompassing events related platform that caters to Event Vendors, Events, Deals and Tickets.

We work with event promoters to enable our clients reach a wider audience/network, which in turn, increases customer base and profitability. We also offer social media promotions tools at no extra cost. This will maximize attendance at your event. Our services cater to, but not limited to the following:

  • Conferences (Guest registration)
  • Social Events (House / Office gathering)
  • Festivals
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • and more

Why Partner With Us

We are an innovative company that has built a solid platform (Eventsrep.com) to suit the needs of event promoters, users, and product advertisers alike.

EventsReP is an online directory of event vendors, events, deals and event tickets. We list and advertise events on EventsReP.com and all our social media networks. We provide a platform (website & social media networks) for event related businesses to showcase their products & services. We sell event tickets on Eventsrep.com and at the venue.

EventsReP is a Trademark of Olympia Consulting an IT oriented company, whose services includes technology solutions, software development, digital marketing, project management and more. The foundation of EventsReP is built on optimal service delivery.

We are trusted by event organizers like Trace Naija and PhynoFest

What We Offer

At EventsReP we ensure our clients and their guests have the best experience, as we continuously add to our services to meet the needs of our clients

Vendor Listings and Promotions

Event vendors/businesses can get listed in our directory to showcase their company and services. All vendors in our directory are promoted on all our social media platforms and forums. We communicate to all vendors about events, promotions and activities that may be essential to the growth of their business. Businesses may also showcase their services on advert sections on EventsReP.com.

Deals Listings and Promotions

Event vendors/businesses can list and sell deals on their products and services on our platform. Vendors can choose to promote there deals on all our social media platforms. Businessess can choose to showcase their deals on advert sections on EventsReP.com

Website and Social Media Promotions

We advertise vendors, deals, events, ticket sales and other promotions on EventsReP.com, our social media networks and other partners sites and networks.

Event Listing, Registration & Ticket Sales

Event promoters and managers can list their events, sell event tickets and register their participants on EventsReP.com. We promote events listed on our platform on all our social media platforms. Use our mobile app to verify and check-in guests. We offer you a transparent system that provides real time updates on registrations and ticket sales, both on our mobile app, and on a restricted page on the web. We have created a fast and secure   platform (QR Code and barcode verification). Experience our versatile payment options. Support by a strong technical team. Awesome customer service across our platform.

Event / Venue Secretariat

Our Event Secretariat services includes guest verification, guest check-in and guest registration at the venue. We provide your customer with an awesome experience form ticket purchase, through check-in to sit-down.

Event Highlights Services

Event Promoters can go a step further and showcase their event through our interactive blog. We provide a platform to showcase your event before, during and after the event. Highlights about pre, during and post event information can be displayed.